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Country Garden Forest City – Southeast Asia’s Largest Green City

Country Garden Forest City Development is Southeast Asia’s firsts and largest mixed-use green development in terms of the number of units to be built with a vertical greenery and smart city design theme.

The Forest City project will be one of the leading developments in the $100 billion city of Johor Bahru.

With the huge amount of capital expenditure in the area Chinese developers believe that Johor Bahru will be the next Shenzen – China’s equivalent of Silicon Valley.

Like most developments in China they do everything on an unimaginable scale. These Chinse companies which are some of the world’s largest builders have looked outwards from the domestic market which many see as post growth. The ‘Special economic zone’ and close location to Singapore make Johor Bahru a prime location for their next investment.
Forest city will utilise advanced 3D multi-layered urban planning concepts. Parks and activity spaces scatter around the city, which covers an area of nearly 20 square kilometres. No vehicle traverses its ground; railways connect the whole city. There are roads, flyovers and parking space on the two lower floors, separating pedestrians from vehicles.

Four mega projects will be the catalyst for Johor’s development the city. The Forest City and High-Speed Rail project, the Gemas-Johor Bahru electrified double tracking project and the Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex. These will help cement the area as an economic hub.

Bloomber news compared the two cities very succinctly:

A decade ago, Malaysia decided to leverage Singapore’s success by building the Iskandar zone across the causeway that connects the two countries. It was modeled on Shenzhen, the neighbor of Hong Kong that grew from a fishing village to a city of 10 million people in three decades. Malaysian sovereign fund Khazanah Nasional Bhd. unveiled a 20-year plan in 2006 that required a total investment of 383 billion ringgit ($87 billion).

Singapore’s high costs and property prices encouraged some companies to relocate to Iskandar, while JB’s shopping malls and amusement parks have become a favorite for day-tripping Singaporeans. In the old city center, young Malaysians hang out in cafes and ice cream parlors on hipster street Jalan Dhoby, where the inflow of new money is refurbishing the colonial-era shophouses.

See original article via Bloomberg: http://bloom.bg/2hNxjXd

Location: Forest City is located in Malaysia, Johor, Iskandar, near Singapore.

Developer: Country Garden Pacificview Sdn. Bhd. (CGPV)

Development: 4 Islands as key hubs, US$100 billion, smart eco-city, accommodate hundreds of thousands of people.

Project Websites: http://www.forestcitycgpv.com/en/

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