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89 Spirit to rise on Surfers Paradise


The Gold Coast council has given the green light to Spirit 89. Councillors voted 15 – 0 to approve the 89-level apartment tower developed by Chinese company Forise Holdings. The building will rise 304 meters above the coast and feature 479 apartments and a multi-level retail and entertainment precinct.

Spirit will have the Gold Coasts highest residential address with some apartments perched up 292 meters in the sky.

Under the Gold Coast City Council’s 2016 City Plan there is no height restriction at Surfers Paradise.

The tall slender design profile of the building and its vicinity to nearby light rail stations create synergies and will help revitalise the area.

The developer will also contribute to landscaping of the public realm including new street trees, bench seats and tree grates and a corner plaza.

“The development efficiently utilises the site, offers an interesting and unique street life and acts as a catalyst for making Surfers Paradise a world class city,” Councillors summarised.


More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_(building)

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